About Us

Smart card India is a technical orientated marketing corporation and is clearly characterized by the aim to realize market accepted RFID projects.
Our employees not only have a declared expertise, but also have the ability to recognize and to adapt to new market trends in time. This capacity and the cooperation with strategic partners will lead Smart Card India to a successful business development.

Our client counseling is guided by optimal and professional advice to point out advantages and disadvantages and therefore help our customers to gain a head start in competition.

From Now on all our interactions with the digital world will be personalized and protected. Smart Card India (SCI) innovates to make them easier and more secure. As India’s leading provider of Smart cards and a major supplier of point of sale terminals, Smart card India is fully dedicated to enabling its clients leverage what is unique in their customers.

Smart card India’s realm of intervention covers the

  • Telecommunication

  • Public Telephony

  • Finance

  • Retail

  • Transport

  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare

  • Personal identification

  • Information technology

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