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Turnstile Gates

  • No slip Clutch provides smooth, silent, two way rotation.
  • Stainless and powder coat finishes available.
  • Optional breakaway clutch assembly allows one-way turnstiles to be used as emergency exits.
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be used at entry and exit points.
  • A reduction in theft and pilferage.
  • Constructed from steel tubing
  • Tight control of entry and exit
  • ASC turnstiles have welded polished and end caps
  • A definite deterrent to robberies.
  • Control of staff management
  • Standard highly polished chrome Finish.
  •  An accurate account of people entering and leaving any point
  • Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation.

Vehicle Access - Access Control

The barriers of Magnetic Auto control are versatile and applicable:
- for the smooth operation at motorways,
- for authorized access to premises,
- for the efficient servi
ce of multistory car parks,
- for the controlled access to stadiums, fairs or the means of public
Control Columns
The product range of Magnetic Auto control comprises a variety of different control columns offering the possibility to install safety devices of many different forms and sizes. For all possible applications, a suitable housing is available.
  Control Units
Magnetic Autocontrol offers for all barrier systems the suitable control unit. The microprocessor controlled devices are equipped with triac outputs which ensure a wearless operation. Our standard controllers are able to realize many options and can even be upgraded by means of accessory units.
If you require a signal lamp on the boom, an additional boom locking unit, a traffic light control unit, a control panel, the realization of a counting function or else: Magnetic Autocontrol offers you the possibility.

  Barriers MIB 30

Maximum boom length 3500 mm
Opening time 1,4 s
Closing time 1,4 s

Barriers MIB 40

Max. boom length 6000 mm
Opening time approx. 4 s
Closing time approx. 4 s

Barriers MTS 6

Max. boom length 8000 mm
Opening time approx. 6 s
Closing time approx. 6 s

                   Barriers MTS 8

              Max. boom length 10000 mm
              Opening time approx. 9s
              Closing time approx. 9s

    Barriers MBE 30

   Max. boom length 3000 mm
   Opening time approx. 1.8 s
   Closing time approx.2.1 s

Barriers MBE 35

Max. boom length 3500 mm
Opening time approx. 3,0 s
Closing time approx. 3,6 s

       Barriers MBE 50

     Max. boom length 5000 mm

    Opening time approx. 6,3 s

    Closing time approx. 7,5 s

Gates can also be Structured according toi the customers need.
Tripod Turnstiles
The MPP 112 series pivot barriers are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations.
This design provides a cost effective, ant tailgating solution with a bar rotation of 3 x 120 degrees.
Swing Gates
The MPS Series of swing gates have been developed to provide a user friendly access barrier for one-way and two-way, pedestrian traffic control. Operation in either a 1 x 90 or 2 x 90 bi-directional mode is obtained by pre-selecting the respective MUC Controller function.

Full Height Turnstile


The MPT52/53 series of full height turnstiles have been specifically developed to control simultaneous bi-directional pedestrian control
of two independent turnstiles where limited space is available. The turnstile has been designed as a modular system and can easily
be assembled on site by hand and without the need of heavy lifting devices.

Retractable MPR

The MPR retractable panel barrier has been developed as a user friendly solution for the fast and controlled processing of pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, offering a typical throughput of up to 60 people per minute.
Sliding Gate
A world leader in the manufacture of Security Gates, Magnetic can offer a solution for most applications. The STG high security gate has been a market leader for over 20 years and is complimented by other types of gates including the Dellas modular gate. Security gates can be built to custom size if required with various gate speeds available dependant on application.
Swing Gate
For controling of vehicular passage at security access points, Magnetic can offer a range of Swing Gate drive motors.
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