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Library Management System

LMS – Overview

The application of LMS RFID technology will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of total library system where borrowing, returning and sorting of library books is automated with minimal human intervention.

Each tag has a unique security feature that will automatically alarm the librarian of any attempt to remove books from the library without proper authorization.

To provide more convenience and faster service to the library members is the mission in this application.

LMS – The Process

LMS – Components

®     Tagging & Verification Stations      

            This is where books are tagged and the relevant data is written into the tag. Alternatively, data can be keyed in from a PC connected to the tagging station.

®     Issue Stations            

            These are staffed issue points where the scanner is located under the counter. There is no equipment visible other than a screen. The borrower's details are simply entered into the system and the books are placed within the scanners read area. There is no need to even open the book.

LMS – Components

®     Returns

     Books are discharged in real time by passing through fast read scanners. The software highlights any exceptional circumstances e.g. fines owing etc. There is no need for staff to be involved at the returns point until the time for shelf filling arrives.

®     Security Systems

     Security gates are positioned at all the library’s entrance/exits. The RFID system is far more accurate than traditional electro-magnetic systems, delivery almost 100% detection rates.

LMS - Benefits

®     Reduced time in book issue and return check-ins.

®     Secure anti-theft.

®     Minimal queuing.

®     Improved staff efficiency .

®     Enables Bulk Books Registration.

®     Easy search with Handheld Devices.

®     Freedom from line-of-sight reading requirements.

®     Reduces inventory calculation time to one day.

RFID – The Primary Components

•         Reader with Antenna Pad

•          RFID Chip with antenna

The key component is the tag, which is attached to an item on which information is stored electronically. The reader, combined with an antenna, receives information using RF (radio frequency) technology.

RFID – Illustrated

LMS - Conclusion

®     Library Management System uniquely gives libraries patron self-check-out, inventory control, circulation management, and loss-prevention; all integrated into one system.

®     The LMS is a complete library security and collection management system integrated with circulation systems through application software.

®     Self-service offers patrons privacy, enhances customer relations by eliminating long checkout lines, and frees library staff to assist other customers, while offering enhanced security of the library's collection.

®     The library's existing book return, outfitted with an LMS reader, immediately reactivates the security function and automatically updates the circulation system upon the item's return.

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